How do you eat your Bick’s® pickles?

Have you ever noticed that everyone has their own unique way of eating a pickle? There are those who like to pile them up on a sandwich while others insist on having them on the side. Some like them cut in chunks, while there are people who prefer them whole.

Do you have your own pickle-eating ritual? Chances are you do. How you prefer to eat your pickles is as individual as your own personality. It doesn't really matter how people eat their pickles, the end result is always the same – the incredible enjoyment of satisfying the juicy crunch they crave.

Let’s take a look at all the different ways people enjoy their Bick’s® pickles and see which ones you share too!


Can you imagine eating a hamburger without a pickle? Or a pastrami sandwich? Even roast beef, tuna, salmon or egg? Impossible – they all taste better with a pickle! So the big question is how do you like to eat your pickles? Do you layer pickles on top or eat them on the side? Food toppings is one area where adults and kids alike can give free reign to their creativity and personal tastes.

If you like pickles on top of your food, you probably have your favourite toppings and condiments, and maybe even a certain order to apply them. Perhaps you pile up several thinly sliced pickles on top. Maybe in a criss-cross pattern or in parallel pickle strips. Or maybe you go all out and create a masterpiece for your mouth with pickles and relish, and other condiments such as Bick’s hot pepper rings, grilled onions and more!

Our new recipe for The Fresh Burger combines sour cream, avocado, spicy Jack Cheese and salsa for a fresh, zesty taste topped off with Bick’s Sandwich Savers® Pickles on top. You can also cut your own pickle slices if you prefer to get the thickness just the way you like it. Bick’s Baby and Whole Dill Pickles work well for making your own pickle slices. However you top it, you just can’t beat a homemade burger.


Some pickle purists like to savour their pickles separately from their burger or sandwich—first a bite of sandwich, then a big, juicy bite of a tangy pickle. It’s a unique flavour combination that makes the whole experience of eating a sandwich so special.

Whole pickles are very popular on the side, like any of our whole Bick’s Dill Pickles especially with deli sandwiches like our classic toasted Reuben Sandwich. But some people, instead of biting into a whole dill pickle, prefer to slice their Bick’s pickle into long spears. Others will cut their pickles into small chunks and enjoy it bit by bit as they eat their burger or sandwich.


Some people cut their pickles into little teeny tiny pieces and mix them into their tuna, chicken, salmon or egg salad spreads for tangy little bursts of flavour with every bite. Our Bick’s Tangy Tuna Sandwich comes alive with the help of Bick's Yum Yum® Sweet Pickles, one of the most popular recipes on


Kids love to get creative with their pickles (parents and caregivers too) and will make smiley faces on their burgers, sandwiches or hot dogs or experiment with different toppings. Some moms like to surprise their kids at meal times and will cut pickles into cute shapes, like stars or moons. The nice round shapes of Yum Yum Sweet Pickles make them perfect for all kinds of kid-friendly culinary creations.

With other types of pickles you can even make alligator teeth. Simply slice a Sandwich Savers pickle in half lengthwise and then cut out a row of pointy triangles. Grrrrr, better eat your sandwich before the alligator gets it! Think of how much fun you can have together making pickle creations.

There are loads of different ways to enjoy pickles but no one thing is clear. No matter how you eat them, nothing else compares to the satisfying crunch of a pickle.

Featured Recipes

The Fresh Burger

The Fresh Burger
Sour cream, avocado, spicy Jack Cheese and salsa give this hamburger its zesty taste and fresh appeal. Bick’s Sandwich Savers Pickles on top and Baby Dill Pickles on the side complete the picture of a perfect burger.

Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich
A classic Reuben Sandwich on dark rye with thinly sliced deli corned beef or pastrami topped off with Swiss cheese and Bick’s Sandwich Savers Tangy Dill pickles. Browning the buttered rye bread in a skillet until golden and crispy makes it extra delicious.