Perk up your party with Bick’s® pickles

Pickles have been an entertaining staple for generations. Recently, hosts and hostesses have been rediscovering their juicy, tangy appeal. Platters of Bick’s® mixed pickles and specialties are popping up at parties and get-togethers all over the country. Part of their renewed popularity could be because they make such tangy and zesty appetizers. Also, the taste is unique. What other food can you think of that delivers as satisfying and juicy a crunch as a pickle?

Here are just some of the wonderful ways to entertain with pickles:

Awesome appetizers

Dipping tasty morsels into savoury parfaits are the latest trend in restaurant-style appetizers these days. Now, more and more people are taking the idea home with them and using it when they entertain family and friends.

With our Bick’s recipe for a Pickle Platter with Dip Parfaits you can easily create your own layered parfaits of tasty dips like babaganoush, roasted red pepper dip, guacamole and hummus. Delicious Bick’s pickles and specialties are just the thing for dipping. Set out some cocktail forks alongside an assortment of Bick’s Whole Baby Beets, 50% Less Salt Baby Dills, Sour Cocktail Onions, Hot and Mild Banana Pepper Chunks, and Gherkins and invite your guests to dip right in!

If you are a big fan of pickled beets, be sure to try our recipe for Beet and Pear Crisps. Top crackers with your favourite cheese, a thin slice of pear and a Bick’s Sliced Beet. The crisp sweetness of the pear is the perfect complement to the rich, robust flavour of the beets.

Main dish delights

Instead of sticking to your same-old recipes during the entertaining season, why not try something new for the dinner table or buffet? If you’re looking for a wonderful holiday roast, our Stuffed Leg of Lamb is scrumptious with the added kick of Bick’s Mild Banana Peppers in the stuffing.

Our recipe for Sausages and Sauerkraut, a traditional sauerkraut and sausages dish from France, pairs Bick’s Wine Sauerkraut with sausages, onions and spices for a rich, hearty dish that’s as filling as it is flavourful.

For a quick and tasty meal during the week the whole family will love, it’s hard to beat Chicken Fajitas. Adding Bick’s Hot Banana Pepper Chunks to your fajita mix gives it a zesty Tex-Mex kick.

Pickles are friends of the family

Many of us grew up snacking on pickles before dinner or sneaking tasty little pickles off party platters at family gatherings. Generations have fond memories of growing up with pickles. Now pickles are as popular as ever. Guests crave their zesty crunch and are always delighted when there are pickles to munch on. Put pickles on your buffet table or set them out as an appetizer and don’t be surprised if they are devoured in no time!

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Featured Recipes

Stuffed Leg of Lamb

Stuffed Leg of Lamb
This easy holiday roast is dressed to impress. The stuffing is made from Bick’s® Mild Banana Pepper chunks, goat cheese, veggies and seasonings. It can be prepared a day ahead of time and then stuffed into the lamb right before roasting. The flavours combine to create a juicy lamb roast with a savoury melt-in-your-mouth taste.

Pickle Platter with Dip Parfaits

Pickle Platter with Dip Parfaits
Surprise your guests with their own individual dipping parfaits. Pick up an assortment of store-bought dips and layer them in small, decorative glass bowls or martini glasses. Serve each parfait with an assortment of crackers, breads and your favourite Bick’s pickles for delicious dipping.