Surprising ways people eat pickles

If you ask all kinds of people how they like to eat their Bick's® will get all kinds of answers! As a topping, side or snack are always popular choices but pickles are also popping up in salads, main meals and even dipped in hummus (yes!). Who knew there were so many delicious ways to satisfy a craving for pickles.

All hail the fried pickle

Fried pickles topped the list as imaginative and oh so delicious. Fried pickles are all the rage these days, appearing on menus in restaurants and attracting long line-ups at country fair booths. Coated in a tasty batter and deep fried, these popular pickles stay crispy and crunchy on the inside.

Our recipe for Fried Pickles coats Bick's 50% Less Salt Dill Pickles in a delicious spiced cornmeal coating and serves them with a tangy blue cheese dip. The crispy cornmeal is the perfect complement to the juicy crunchiness you get with every bite, and when you dip them the taste is out of this world!

Fans of the fried pickle should definitely try our Pickle Wrapped Corn Dogs recipe. Wrapping a hot dog with a pickle before deep frying it brings an added zestiness to this traditional corn dog favourite.

Cooking with pickles

People love to cook with pickles and use them in all kinds of dishes to add some extra zing. It's also a clever way to add taste to a recipe without adding a lot of salt – especially if you use Bick's 50% Less Salt Garlic Baby Dills with 50% less salt than our regular pickles.

Pickles zip up a beef stroganoff, add tangy appeal to salsa and blend beautifully into soups. Some people put pickles in their tzatziki instead of cucumbers or use them as the centre for a sushi roll. Our incredibly delicious Rice Pilaf recipe is made with a secret ingredient... pickle brine from Bick's 50% Less Salt Dill Pickles. Who knew!

Pickle sandwiches

Have you ever thought of mixing pickles and peanut butter? This creamy and crunchy, sweet and tangy tasting combo is delicious with Bick's pickles. A pickle on a plate is a must-have for almost any kind of sandwich especially corned beef, salmon, tuna, egg, ham... well the list just goes on and on. Then, of course, there's the ploughman's lunch, the quintessential British meal that pairs pickles with fresh crusty bread and cheeses such as sharp cheddar or stilton.

Pickle dips

Besides snacking on pickles right out of the jar, dipping your pickles is all the rage. Some people dip them in baba ghanoj, hummus, whipped cream cheese, and even in sour cream.

Pickles in salads

Pickles add pizzazz to almost any kind of salad you can think of. Bick's Garlic Dill Pickles give our Mediterranean Pasta Salad some tangy contrasting texture and add a refreshing crunch to our Pickled Orange Salad. In our European Style Potato Salad chopped Bick's Garlic Baby Dills give the potatoes a tasty zip.

101 Ways to Eat a Bick's pickle

As if all those other ideas weren't enough ways to satisfy your craving for a Bick's pickle, we have 101 other ways as well! Do you like to dip your Bick's pickle into hot sauce? Then you're a fan of The Inferno –#29 to eat a Bick's pickle. Are you in the habit of wrapping your pickle in a slice of meat? Then you will like #10 – Pickle in a blanket.

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Pickle Wrapped Corn Dogs

Pickle Wrapped Corn Dogs
We've taken the popular corn dog and added a pickle twist. Wrapping a hot dog with a pickle before deep frying it brings a refreshing zestiness to this traditional favourite. Just a word of caution – once you try it, you'll never be satisfied eating a regular corn dog again!

Rice Pilaf

Rice Pilaf
A delicious side dish for lunch or dinner, the seasoned broth and finely chopped vegetables add great flavour to this rice dish. But what really makes it extra special is a secret ingredient. Can you guess what it is?