Why you can't say no to a pickle.

What is it about pickles that make us crave them so much?

A number of things make them irresistible. There's the distinctive, tangy taste and the refreshing juicy crunch with every bite. There's the bold zing that wakes up your mouth when you bite into them. Nothing else tastes quite like a pickle. Nothing else satisfies quite like a pickle.

What makes people passionate about pickles

Lots of people love pickles, and they have lots of different reasons for why they crave them so much.

Some say it's the satisfying crunch of the pickle that makes it so special. Others absolutely love the juicy squirt when you bite into a wonderful big dill pickle. For some pickle lovers it's the smell – they love the zesty smell of the pickle spices when they open the jar so much that they actually close their eyes when they eat their pickles... all the better to take in that amazing aroma. Others just crave the crunch that you can only get with a pickle.

So what is it about pickles that you love? Perhaps it's the distinctive pop of the lid when you open a brand new jar of pickles that lets your mouth know you're in for a taste treat. Or the sound of your fork clinking against the glass pickle jar as you search for that one particular gherkin in the jar that you want to enjoy.

The versatile appeal of pickles

Feeling hungry and want something quick to eat? Munch on a cold Bick's® pickle straight from the fridge, like Bick's® Yum Yum® Sweet Pickles. These popular, bread-and-butter pickles are a yum yummy, crunchy treat.

Want the satisfaction of a salty snack without all the salt? Crunch a bunch of Bick's® 50% Less Salt Garlic Baby Dills. They're bursting with so much garlic dill flavour you don't even notice they have less salt than our regular pickles. Mmmm good.

In the mood for a deli sandwich? Don't forget to add the bold zing of a big juicy dill pickle on the side. Tangy dill pickles pair perfectly with the thinly sliced roast beef and melted cheese in our Bick's® recipe for Hot Beef Melts. The kicked up dressing in our Bick's Crispy Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich recipe has even more of a kick when accompanied by zesty Bick's Sandwich Savers® pickles.

Would it be exaggerating to say pickles are the perfect food? Perhaps, but you can see that with so many good things going for it, it's hard to say no to a pickle. If you're picky about your pickles, then be sure to reach for Bick's® pickles every time you crave that distinctive zing and juicy crunch that only pickles can deliver.

Featured Recipes

Hot Beef Melts

Hot Beef Melts
Make deli-inspired hot beef sandwiches at home. Thinly sliced roast beef, caramelized onions and melted cheese is topped off with Bick's® pickles on toasted French stick spread with garlic butter. Serve your sandwich with gravy and enjoy every melt-in-your-mouth bite.

Crispy Chicken Schnitzel Sandwiches with Kicked up Dressing

Crispy Chicken Schnitzel Sandwiches with Kicked up Dressing
For an incredible flavour kick place a homemade crispy chicken cutlet on a soft bun spread with kicked up dressing and topped off with Bick's® Sandwich Savers® pickles.