Enjoy February fun with the family

Frosty February is a good time to focus on family fun and togetherness. Some Canadian provinces even have an official Family Day to recognize the importance of families in our lives, namely Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan, with B.C. jumping on board next February.

Even if Family Day, which falls on February 20th this year, isn't a statutory holiday in the province where you live, you can still celebrate the joys of being together with your family. Why not make time to enjoy family activities such as skating on outdoor ice rinks, visiting museums, galleries and area attractions, going bowling or going to the movies. Of course, hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies are just the ticket to warm everyone up after a fun family outing. Here are some other great ideas from Bick's® for fun with your gang.

Dig up your family's roots.

Explore your family's history together and create a family tree. Pull out old photographs of relatives and match names with faces. Share some stories you remember from your childhood and what life was like for your parents growing up – kids love to hear stories about life "way back when, before TV, email and Internet." Dip your kids' hands and feet in paint and stamp them on paper with a date so they can see later how much they've grown. Or make a family time capsule and put treasured items in a shoebox, such as photos, artwork, poems, postcards and tickets.

Cook up a storm.

Let the kids call the shots today. From breakfast all the way through to dinner, let them decide what the family should eat and then get everyone to help make the meal. Maybe start the day by making pancakes and let the kids stir the batter. Then try these fun lunch or dinner family recipes that kids can help make that don't take much prep: Sub Shop Sandwiches and Mini Turkey Sloppy Joe Melts. Kids love the taste and you'll appreciate that they're made with Bick's 50% Less Salt Garlic Baby Dills– the same great taste as regular dill pickles but with half the salt. Be sure to check out our recipe section for delicious meal ideas anytime of the day.

This family's got talent.

Everyone in your family has their own special talent or ability. Now's the time to show it off. Sing, dance, do magic tricks, tell jokes, stage a puppet show, put on a fashion show, play Charades, shoot the most pucks into a net.. whatever someone is good at, this is their time to shine!

Get outside and have a ball

If you have lots of snow, then get outside with the family. Have a snowman challenge with your neighbours. Give out prizes for the most creative or funniest snowman. Or build a snow fort. If you don't have any snow, you can still build a fort inside with the sofa cushions and camp out for the day.

Whether you look to set up a weekly family hour as part of your regular routine or schedule a special family outing every month, you're creating fond memories your family can share for years to come.

Featured Recipes

Mini Turkey Sloppy Joe Melts

Mini Turkey Sloppy Joe Melts
Mini is marvelous and mighty tasty. Kids love helping to make and eat these mini sandwiches. So gooey good. They also taste great on traditional hamburger buns if you can't find mini-sized ones.

Sub Shop Sandwiches

Sub Shop Sandwiches
Turn your kitchen into a sub shop and let your kids choose the kind of toppings they want. And get them to help you make the Bick's® secret sauce to top off their sandwiches - just like a real sub shop. What's the special ingredient? Pickle brine.. but shhhh, don't tell!