Cold Fun and Warm Food from Bick’s®

When the air turns chilly and the snow starts to fly, resist the urge to hide under a blanket and instead, bundle up the family for some fun in the sun – and snow. If you dress right, a day of outdoor play followed by a comforting, hearty meal can be just the thing to keep your family active and happy during the winter months.

Sometimes, we have to think back to our childhood to find the best inspiration for fun in the ice and snow. To help you get started, here are some ideas from Bick's for easy outings and activities that kids of any age can try.

Make A Family Snow Angel Portrait

Ask everyone to line up across a wide, clean patch of beautiful white snow. Have them lie in the snow, with arms spread wide, and make snow angels. Step out of the display and write everyone's name under his or her angel.

Roll, Pack and Carve A Winter Zoo

Snowmen are fun, but how about a snow zoo? When the snow is in great packing condition, invite friends and family to turn your front or backyard into a snow zoo. Long, low piles of snow can easily become an alligator. A few stacked snowballs can be transformed into penguins. And polar bears are an obvious winner, too!

Become Snow Detectives

Head out to a local park or conservation area for an invigorating tromp through the woods. Make sure everyone dresses sensibly - which means layers of warm clothes, including a hat, mitts or gloves and good winter boots. As you walk through the woods, look for birds and non-hibernating animals. Stop and listen to the sounds of the forest in the winter. Talk about where animals may be sleeping in the woods nearby and look for animal tracks in the snow.

Organize a Broom Ball Game

No skates are needed for this action-packed game. Find a local outdoor rink and invite your friends and neighbours to an old-fashioned broom ball game. All you need is a soccer ball and some old brooms. Similar to hockey, each team has a goalie to protect the "net" and four or five players to shoot at or defend the goal.

Try Snowshoeing

Modern snowshoes make it possible for people of almost any age to get out and explore the great, white outdoors. Visit a cross country ski or snowshoe area and rent a pair of shoes. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to explore the deepest snow areas on snowshoes.

Visit A Local Winter Carnival

Across Canada, in communities big and small, we celebrate the wonderland that is winter with festivals. You may see ice sculptures, sample frozen maple syrup, watch a game of shinny or warm up near an outdoor bonfire. A great way to connect with your friends and neighbours this winter.

Warm Up With Bick's

The perfect complement to a day in the sun and snow is a comforting, cozy home cooked meal. And after all that exercise and fresh air, you'll want to continue making smart lifestyle choices with the help of new Bick's® Sandwich Savers® 50% Less Salt Tangy Dill Pickles and 50% Less Salt Garlic Whole Dill Pickles. They are a delicious lower salt option to delight your hungry crowd. Try using New Bick's Sandwich Savers 50% Less Salt Tangy Dill Pickles in this crowd-pleasing sandwich recipe:


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