Add More Zest to your Holiday Party with Bick’s®

Tired of the same old traditional holiday party scene? Looking for exciting ways to put more spirit into the season? Bick’s has fun and unique party theme ideas to get your next party started with a festive feel.

Themes are a great way to bring new energy to what may have become a repetitive and routinized feeling of holiday season gatherings. For a fresh variation of typical festive get-togethers, consider these themed ideas and be creative and add your own twist to the party.

The "All Red, White and Green" Party

Go wild with these traditional holiday season colours to jazz up the party and add festive decor to not only your home but also to your food and drinks. Place candy cane stir sticks in steaming mugs of white chocolate hot chocolate. Complete grilled beef sliders by piling them high with Bick's Relish and Hot Pepper Rings. Make a batch of Bick's Chow Chow Party Dip, a delicious appetizer for this party because of the layers of green, white and red that make up the dip! Decorate your home with evergreen boughs, red ribbon and white holiday confetti for a colourful look and cheery, festive feel.

Tree Trimming Party with a Twist

Ask your guests to each bring two ornaments, homemade or store-bought, to the party. Purchase a small, tabletop tree (real or ornamental) and have everyone decorate the tree with their ornaments. Have all your guests put their name into a basket and, at the end of the evening, draw one lucky winner's name to take home the fully trimmed tree.

Twelve Days of Christmas Party

Take this classic song and put a new twist on it by, instead of singing, featuring each of the verses as a recipe, decoration or activity. Instead of caroling about turtle doves, arrange an all white and dove-like centerpiece on the dining room table. Instead of singing about French hens, serve Cornish game hens for dinner. Challenge your guests to see if they can recognize all 12 verses throughout the course of the evening.

Appetizer Exchange Party

Your guests may have heard of the classic cookie exchange party, but this appetizer version puts a spin on this party theme. Invite everyone to bring a double-batch of their favourite freezable appetizer as well as a copy of the recipe to be shared with each guest. Dine on one batch of each of the dishes and send everyone home with a selection from the second batch. Everyone will leave with full tummies, a freezer full of treats and new recipes to try. For flavourful ideas, check out the complete selection of Bick's appetizers.

Winter Wonderland Party

If your community allows, invite your friends and family to a hot dog and marshmallow roast over an open fire in your backyard. If using a fire pit is not an option, simply gather around the barbecue. Don't forget to have plenty of Bick's condiments on hand for those hot dogs!

The Turkey Challenge

Roast turkey dinners are fabulous and a must for the holiday season, but the leftovers can stick around for days. Invite your friends to your first annual turkey challenge, and have everyone create a dish that uses leftover turkey as an ingredient. Add a bit of friendly competition by rewarding the creator of the most inventive and delicious recipe with a prize. Hint: Bick's has yummy ideas for your submission including the Turkey Wrap & Roll.


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Bick's® Holiday Wreath

Bick's® Holiday Wreath
As the holidays approach, be sure to have a collection of easy-to-make edible d├ęcor on hand such as this gorgeous Bick's® Holiday Wreath. Vibrant and tangy green pickles, zesty red and orange pepper rings and snowy white cocktail onions make this a crowd-pleaser you can put on display in just minutes.


Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts
These savoury little bites are the perfect addition to any get-together. Crunchy whole water chestnuts wrapped in a blanket of crispy bacon and baked with Bick's® Zesty Onion Relish, brown sugar, ketchup, soy sauce, garlic and lemon glaze. So irresistible you may want to make a double batch!