Pickle lovers, rejoice!

This dilly of a snack gives you much to smile about. And with the launch of new Bick's® Garlic Baby Dills with 50% Less Salt than our Regular Baby Dill Pickles, there's even more to celebrate.

Tickled by Pickles

If you're watching your waistline, you want snacks that work hard to satisfy your cravings. Weighing in with zero grams of fat and under 50 calories per serving (most are between 5 and 35), pickles provide a wallop of flavour without making a big fat dent in your daily calorie count. Plus, that extra crunch factor means you're sinking your teeth into something truly satisfying.

Now snackers can munch happier with the launch of new Bick's Garlic Baby Dills with 50% Less Salt. They have the same great taste of Bick's Regular Baby Dill Garlic Pickles but with 50% less salt and 3 calories per pickle. Finally, Canada has a reduced sodium pickle to enjoy!

Crunch a Bunch

  • Because pickles pack a punch in the taste department, clever cooks use them to liven up food in place of salt or fat. Here are some pickle possibilities to try:
  • Spread relish in your favourite sandwich and skip the creamy mayo.
  • Layer pickle slices or hot peppers on homemade burger patties (made without added salt).
  • Create colourful pickle kebabs to please young and old: alternate on a skewer chunks of pickle, cheese, green pepper, lean turkey or ham, baby carrots.
  • Wrap slices of lean luncheon meat around pickles for some fun pickles-in-a-blanket for your child's lunch box. For a change of pace, you can also spread low fat cream cheese on the deli meat before wrapping it around the pickle.
  • Keep jars of Bick's Zesty Onion, Savoury Tomato or Hot Pepper relish on hand, along with baked, unsalted tortilla chips, as instant snacks for your teens — and a healthier alternative to chips.
  • Serve a grilled cheese sandwich open-faced with a nice big "pickle" smile and pepper ring eyes.
  • Punch up a salad by tossing in a selection of chopped pickles and cut down on the dressing.
  • Add a little of your favourite relish to cottage cheese, and turn ho-hum into yum!

With so many different styles and flavours to choose from, pickle lovers need never get bored. It's time for Bick's pickle lovers to rejoice! And don't forget to pick up a jar of new Bick's Garlic Baby Dills with 50% Less Salt. Zero fat, 50% less salt but all the yummy taste you expect from Bick's.